Birthday update:

There was in fact a snowstorm.

Heck it’s still brewing outside! How lame. Luckily, I had bought pillsbury cookie dough and froze it. It’s a cute idea that I can’t believe I’m an adult right now!

Still, I am enjoying my day! ♡

It’s my birthday!

I know I haven’t been posting much! That’s because I’ve been sucked into KH3 hell and dedicated a week and a half to beat the full game. As soon as I finished, I began writing because I got a flurry of new ideas to implement in my book.

But today is my lazy day. Why not take the time of to enjoy the fact that in alive and another year older? I wish I could share cake with everyone, haha.

All I ask is for platonic hugs and kisses. I’m praying for no storm so I can go buy me some snacks.

Nearing the end of my revision

No one understands how giddy I feel right now! I am so close to the end of my revision. I can’t wait until I’m done so I can go over it and give it a good polishing.

I said it before but I am so proud how this revision turned out. I’m glad I asked for help with my query + synopsis or it would have remained the way it did.

There were a massive amount of changes done in the 6th draft from the 5th. And it’s a total different story down from the 1st! My main character is even a little different than how she started out, too. While in her current state she is back and forth with her options it’s reaching that peak where something is going to happen that will push her to look forward to her goal.

And there is a scene in the 6th draft that wasn’t even in the 5th and hopefully I can nail it to make it as memorable as I can. Oh man, this revision journey is coming to a close soon! I can taste it!

Making changes

This has been on my mind for a while now and it have everything to do with my revising of my book.

When making changes to my book, there are certain sacrifices I have to take in order to make it better. Those sacrifices often lead to me adding more and more text to me “deleted scenes” doc and it honestly kills me. But if I don’t delete it, my story won’t make as much sense as it did pre revision.

Certain scenes I just outright delete but others I actually save and see if it could work in another chapter or the future sequels.

Still it hurts. My WIP is my baby but I’ll do anything for it to be as perfect as it can be.


So the pitchwars contest came to an end and I’m a little disheartened for not getting any requests at all. However, I feel like I still won because I made a lot of new friends put of it and met some really amazing writers like myself!

Instead of seeing it in a negative way, I’m focusing my energy on seeing the good that came out if it. As they said it’s not the be all of end all when it comes to our stories. And it’s true. But I would have loved to work with a mentor and learn how it would feel to work with a potential agent.

But this isn’t the end for me or my work. I’m querying again for a bit and there is the AuthorMentorMatch happening on Monday! So I’m excited for that! At least Pitchwars helped me realize there is nothing to be nervous about when submitting my story anywhere.

Wish me luck for this next one!



So I’m planning to join AMM (#AuthorMentorMatch) in case pitchwars doesn’t work out for me. I thought I was too late to join but I was reassured that I’m still just in time. Here’s an old photo of me that I use everywhere. Since it’s the currently the only one that’s good.

So here’s a little bit about me and my precious book. Thank you so much for reading and having and interest in me as a whole! ♡


My name is Kerrilyn Dasilva, I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I started writing in the peak of middle school, having found a love for it. I was twelve years old when I started and it began with small amounts of poetry. But when I started my freshman year of high school, I began attempting my own full novels. Creating characters and worlds not my own are things I really enjoy. I’d rather talk about my fictional characters than myself since that’s way easier.

My first book has been with me through blood, sweat and tears. I started The Sealing Mark under a very different name with a different setting. As much as I don’t like revisions, I’ve gone to hell and back with rewriting and rehashing my story in 2015 officially starting to make giant changes. I’ve gone through character changes, plot changes, etc. Finally I completed it a few months ago this year. I’m proud of how far I’ve come with what I do as an aspiring author.


  • I love tea. Honestly, I would drink any kind of tea and I’m willing to try new ones.
  • I tend to get addicted to new shows I end up enjoying a bit too much for my own good. Because getting me into new things, I won’t shut up about it!
  • I’ve met a few voice actors in person. One which I met a few months back during the summer and one coaches me.
  • I draw in my spare time. I’d upload a few examples but the computer I use to draw on died. However, I like ding aesthetic boards in my spare time.


  • Words: 87,000
  • Status: completed

My novel is completed as a standalone but with series potential. In order to get a feel of what my novel is about think Disney’s HERCULES and A:TLA had a crossover but with original elements. TSM has a fairy tale like story and is about spiritual strength and growth, loss, betrayal, love, family and friendship.

Here are some aesthetic boards (for book 1):


and some related quotes from pinterest:

  Image result for quotes for the surreal part of grief at the loss of a loved one

  And lied and lied again.  Or am I lying?


Although I’m shy,  I’m very friendly and warmhearted. I’m also cooperative and compliant to change and willing to work as a team with my potential mentor. I try my best to keep in as much contact as I can. As a perfectionist, I hope to get feedback to make my story as amazing as possible and I’m open to criticism. I am currently not in school nor do I have a job but I do volunteer during the weekends sometimes but I’m mostly available anytime necessary.