I speak for myself when I say worldbuilding is hard. I decided to take a peek at my manuscript again with fresh eyes after finished it many months ago. Seeing the way it was allowed me to see that even if it was perfect (to me), it needed a little work. I've taken a couple [...]


I haven't written anything in a while here. That's because I was not only preparing for pitmad on Twitter but just taking it easy while dealing with my own mental health, as usual. Though it's become much easier as I distract myself with the things I like. They started to become almost like a coping [...]


Don't you hate when you start writing and then you hit a stonewall? Sometimes I can't seem to get around it. Then I go for days without writing and lose my streak. But this is usually when I try to drive the story and do things my way. In my last book, I shut my [...]


I'm looking for beta readers for my first manuscript despite querying for an agent. Just in case I get multiple rejects over the course of a few years, I want to see if I can hook potential readers of all kinds. This is also another way I can polish my manuscript so it's ripe for the taking. [...]