I haven't written anything in a while here. That's because I was not only preparing for pitmad on Twitter but just taking it easy while dealing with my own mental health, as usual. Though it's become much easier as I distract myself with the things I like. They started to become almost like a coping [...]


I don't have to wait for NaNoWriMo to write my second book. I've been getting inspired by watching tv shows and reading—reading especially helps me a lot. Finding my voice was a little difficult but I've managed to step out of my comfort zone and let my characters lead. Letting my characters lead is the best thing [...]


Don't you hate when you start writing and then you hit a stonewall? Sometimes I can't seem to get around it. Then I go for days without writing and lose my streak. But this is usually when I try to drive the story and do things my way. In my last book, I shut my [...]