#AMMConnect Bio

Hey there #AMMfam! I'm excited and anxious (anxited!!) to join Author Mentor Match this year. I can't wait to browse the connect tag via Twitter and get outta my shell. ABOUT ME My name is Kerrilyn (keh-ree-lihn, please not Carolyn) Dasilva. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I am a giant sucker for [...]


I'm thinking of uploading some art of my character here but I'm thinking of maybe when I'm published? I dunno. I'm pretty tight lipped with my WIP already... I still gotta think on that But other than that, I'm also thinking of opening up commissions. Money is tight and I want to try and save [...]

Birthday update: There was in fact a snowstorm. Heck it's still brewing outside! How lame. Luckily, I had bought pillsbury cookie dough and froze it. It's a cute idea that I can't believe I'm an adult right now! Still, I am enjoying my day! ♡

Making changes

This has been on my mind for a while now and it have everything to do with my revising of my book. When making changes to my book, there are certain sacrifices I have to take in order to make it better. Those sacrifices often lead to me adding more and more text to me [...]