#AMMConnect Bio

Hey there #AMMfam! I’m excited and anxious (anxited!!) to join Author Mentor Match this year. I can’t wait to browse the connect tag via Twitter and get outta my shell.


My name is Kerrilyn (keh-ree-lihn, please not Carolyn) Dasilva. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I am a giant sucker for anything fantasy and culturally diverse books. Especially if the characters are unapologetically black.


  • I’ve travelled to British Colombia on a native resort. Hiking through the woods made me fall in love with nature and it’s greenerywhich is why my manuscript is full of forests… and those upturned tree roots!
  • I LOVE black cats and I have three of my own at home.
  • I occasionally draw my ocs and cry about them.
  • I am a giant fan of theories, whether they get debunked or not. I also love headcanons too.
  • Lastly, I love food yet I eat like a bird. So my main character eats for me. It’s not in every chapter but most always have her eating.


The story follows Dyanthe, a seventeen-year-old girl who is born with the Light Brand, a mark that signifies she can wield the power of Amahtel, the God of the sun, light and order. Her neighbour, an aspiring enchantress, accidentally places a seal on her, causing her to lose all traces of magic. She has to remove it or it’ll eventually kill her.


  • A diverse cast of characters
  • An intricate magic system
  • food (and lots of it)
  • Strong female heroines, who politically lead their country & people
  • Century old mages
  • Fairies
  • Dragons
  • Other monsters (mostly spliced together or dare I say)
  • LGTBQIA & ableism rep
  • Scenes of violence


  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Zombies
  • Any mainstream monsters
  • Heaven/Hell elements

Anything else listed it’s not in my manuscript but I’ve probably missed something.


When I was younger, I always wanted to write. I used to have notebooks filled with fanfics of my favorite characters adventuring together. I eventually transitioned to my first computer when I got it. I always loved writing fantasy. It allowed me to escape reality for a while and writing was my best friend growing up.

Now my dream is to see my name on a shelf and hopefully touch the hearts and minds of readers. I tend to get immersed in my own world and the world of others and I want that to happen to me, too! I hope to make potential readers question reality, get them rile up for the next scene, cry… see their theories.


I love getting constructive criticism. Even if firm, I never make a fuss and just sit back while telling the little demon in my head to shut up because, you know what? They’re on to something. I’m getting help to grasp something I couldn’t get out or something that plain (…plane, get it?) flew over my head.

I used to think that my writing was bad if anyone criticized my work. Not anymore. If someone is willing to to be my coach and help me whip my manuscript into shape, you bet yourself I’m going to have to learn to accept feedback.

I’m also pretty positive and tend to think optimistically when it comes to my writing.

I’m proud of my world, my magic system, and characters in The Sealing Mark and I hope to give them just a little more foundation. I hope to make a few friends.

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