Playing favourites

Honestly, when you write a character, they’ll and up becoming your favourite. Regardless of their moral standings. If it’s bad, you obviously don’t condone the actions they do.

I certainly don’t… yet here I am loving up all the villains in my stories.

And other certain characters I write, I dont want to harm but when my characters take over for me, well, let’s just say my wish is not granted. And it’s brutal. When writing I have to become all of my characters at once to get a grasp of their personality. Hesitation is me not wanting to do what they want.

And you know my favourites are always the good ones. The ones that are known as “wholesome” and always kind. They are my favourite. It’s not to say that the other ones I write I don’t like, again, I love all of my characters. I just can’t… bring myself to harm them. Even through my characters.

But sometimes they end up showing me I have to build their character. Even if it’s nothing too tragic.

Trying to write believable characters

It can be difficult. And I speak for myself on this. I’m trying hard to make all my characters as three dimensional as I can without making them come off as (the term being) Mary Sue/Gary Stuish.

Though all my characters have their own quirks and personalities that half the time I forget they are actual characters. But that’s just me being biased about my own story. As far as I can tell, I’m able to differentiate everyone from one another. So I guess I’m on the right track.

I just hope when I’m applying things like disabilities, it’s believable. This is where the research part comes in but I can only do so much until I have to seek someone out for help.

With this revision, all of my characters became stronger. I can’t wait to finish!