Making changes

This has been on my mind for a while now and it have everything to do with my revising of my book. When making changes to my book, there are certain sacrifices I have to take in order to make it better. Those sacrifices often lead to me adding more and more text to me [...]

Playing favourites

Honestly, when you write a character, they'll and up becoming your favourite. Regardless of their moral standings. If it's bad, you obviously don't condone the actions they do. I certainly don't... yet here I am loving up all the villains in my stories. And other certain characters I write, I dont want to harm but [...]


So... I've been keeping a file I go back to once in a while to make sure I have everything in order when it comes to my book. I finally got down to making a timeline for my book. At the moment I want to lead it up to the current event instead of going [...]