Revision Hell #2

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board with “book one” of my current manuscript. I have made giant changes thanks to an outline to help me see what could’ve been wrong with the story.

The revision feels stronger, the pace flows perfectly and I’m learning to catch small I habit I tend to sprinkle through my writing. I should have left it for NaNoWriMo but I’m too impatient to wait for that, haha.

Hopefully I finish my new revision in November and get back to querying. Maybe pitch it again in a contest! But only when I’m finished the full thing! Wish me luck!!


So the pitchwars contest came to an end and I’m a little disheartened for not getting any requests at all. However, I feel like I still won because I made a lot of new friends put of it and met some really amazing writers like myself!

Instead of seeing it in a negative way, I’m focusing my energy on seeing the good that came out if it. As they said it’s not the be all of end all when it comes to our stories. And it’s true. But I would have loved to work with a mentor and learn how it would feel to work with a potential agent.

But this isn’t the end for me or my work. I’m querying again for a bit and there is the AuthorMentorMatch happening on Monday! So I’m excited for that! At least Pitchwars helped me realize there is nothing to be nervous about when submitting my story anywhere.

Wish me luck for this next one!


I speak for myself when I say worldbuilding is hard. I decided to take a peek at my manuscript again with fresh eyes after finished it many months ago. Seeing the way it was allowed me to see that even if it was perfect (to me), it needed a little work.

I’ve taken a couple of days to head back into revision hell and even if it’s quite easy for me, it’s still tough. I’ve cut out so many things that I felt would have dragged down the book. Most of what I changed/removed, I felt wouldn’t work anymore.

This mean deleting over 6k and more words only to rewrite everything so it can fit perfectly. Trust me, it hurt. Especially when I changed the ages to suit the genre. But honestly it’s worth it because the path it’s taking might turn out for the best!

But revising came easy once I built a calendar for my world as an outline for myself. It’s my first time every creating an outline. I don’t normally give an outline for plot at all. I just pick a creative idea and then pants it all the way through. Anyway, the calendar thing was a great idea. I got to learn about my world a little but more because of it.

One day, I hope everyone can enter it and enjoy it as much as I do.