I am used to giving compliments whenever I can overcome my anxiety. It comes much easier if I know you, of course. I see a girl in a nice dress, I want to tell her she looks good in it and I want to ask where she bought it. But I’m so anxious that I just walk right by and lost that chance. Or I’d see a guy with sick tattoos and I wanna tell him how awesome it looks. Again, I have so much difficulty.

But sometimes when I muster up the courage, I’ll compliment someone. Even if I’m babbling like an idiot and have a hard time getting the simplest of words out. I’m usually met with a simple thanks and I go my own way. I like making people feel good about themselves. Just complimenting a notable feature warms them up.

When someone compliments me, I’m thrown off guard. I’m not saying I don’t don’t get compliments. That come rare (and that’s because I never leave my house, haha). I have the fashion sense of a garbage can. I like wearing baggy sweaters, stretchy jeans, combat boots… I rarely dress up unless it’s for a giant occasion (though I end up wearing sneakers with my dresses because I hate heels). I don’t normally receive compliments. And that doesn’t bug me at all. If I were, to be honest, I don’t find myself attractive or beautiful. And I’m not saying that because I want attention. It’s just my opinion.

I know… I can already hear the quote “If you don’t love yourself no one will”. Or something along the lines of that. I’m not saying I don’t love myself. There was a time I never liked who I was, so much that I wished I could be someone else. Sometimes I still do. But there’s nothing I can do. But usually, I’ll get things like “you’re pretty” or “your laugh is contagious” or “I like your top”. I’d usually look around to make sure it isn’t me they’re talking to. Majority of the times, it is.

I usually smile as anxiety builds up and say thanks. However, one of my favourite compliments to date is that someone always tells me I have a very creative mind. That pushes me to move forward with my dreams and continue building my worlds. It makes me feel giddy inside knowing that someone else can see my potential.

But the point of this thread is: I like giving compliments. I don’t overdue it. Then I’d just be annoying. So, to anyone reading this, you looked great in that outfit. Your hairstyle is rocking! Your smile? Gorgeous!

Thanks for reading! See you in the next post!

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