I always see that there is barely any positivity. Not that is isn’t any of it at all. It seems everyone is going through something and it’s become common for everyone to be miserable, including myself. So we all talk to our friends/family and vent. When they aren’t available we take to whatever social media platform we use and write our feeling there. 

Sometimes we are faced with encouragement and validation, other times we are faced with negativity and get called an attention seeker.

We all have had our moments when we just wanted validation. When we sometimes just overexaggerate a little incident to garner what we want to be fed to us. You can’t tell me you never done that. Sometimes we can fall into a trap where we are deemed “too negative” and there are times I can get like that. We end up turning our loved ones into our therapists without noticing it. Do we ever really mean it? Some of us do, some of us don’t.

Now, I don’t speak for everyone when I say this but I think it’s because we want to cancel out the negative thoughts we are experiencing with the positive feedback we get when we vent (even if there are a sea of negativity, there will always be positivity somewhere in it).

If we hear “you’ll be fine” or “you can do it”, it’s enough for us to sit back and reflect on. Heck, if it’s reachable we can look back on it and say that we got through it. It doesn’t take much. It’s the little things that count. We get to smile even if it’s for the moment. For a second, we are able to remember that humans are capable of being friendly and thoughtful. There are some people are incapable of not having any sympathy or empathy. They don’t have to go through any sort of trauma to feel that way.

They are usually deemed heartless, cold and apathetic. But they are still human. As much as we want everyone to be positive, without them around, the world would be a little boring. But it’s not to say I don’t want that too. I do. For every positive thing I see on my twitter timeline, I see something negative. But it’s not enough to spoil my day. Seeing everyone being collectively supportive of someone going through something bad, is enough to encourage me that I can push on.

One of my favourite tweets was seeing that someone survived to see another day and for every retweet they got, they would write the username of the person and thank them. It was very moving and emotional for me because everyone was so supportive and telling them they are strong because that person is strong.

The point of this post is: I want to spread some nice thoughts as much as I can.

Today you woke up and did what you did yesterday, and the day before that. What matters is that though you are/were feeling low and dejected, you are still existing, alongside me, regardless if we are far and strangers.

Even if you got rejected for various things or got into a fight with a friend or lover or lost a job, you’re coping with it. You’re working on getting through that obstacle. It hurts. You’re heartbroken, you cried but you did it.

You’re a champion!

You’ve lost the people you admired and cared for but you’re still here. Beyond the plain, they are happy for you nonetheless. Fight on no matter what you’re going through. It may take a long time to get through a situation and there are days that you want to give up. But think about how you pushed through the day, the week, the years you survived demons to get where you are now.

You’re worth it. It doesn’t matter what you did. You’ve worked on changing yourself. It’s okay to relapse, it’s natural. But you’re working at it. I love you, stranger. Keep going!

And thank you for existing with me. ♡

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