Since I was young, I was interested in being in other worlds. I felt a special connection to anything supernatural revolving around worlds that are made up. Whether it was through my favourite game, book or show, I wanted to live there instead. While I do enjoy animations and books with alternate earth, I preferred being in worlds not my own (reality wise). This made it easier to further escape reality even if the stories, movies, shows, etc have similar historical events.

Every time I felt in a low mood, I’d pick up a book or a game and escape to that world for a while until I was better. Immersing myself like this caused me to develop a deep love for fantasy. It became a comfort thing that I ran to when I felt at my lowest point. And it’s not like there was never any access to it. I rewatched all my favourite movies, replayed my favourite games, picked up new ones, found new books.

Then I picked up writing in 2006. Of course, my writing was all over the place and shabby. But regardless of my grammar/spelling mistakes, I kept writing. I started writing fanfics with various favourite characters of mine (usually revolving around anime). That was the start of my first story. When inspiration hit, I wrote. Felt low? I wrote. For fun? I wrote. I just kept writing.

Unfortunately, my computer gave me the BSOD and I lost all of my work. I was so devastated. Even if my story never made sense, I hoped to put it on FF.net and cringe about it in years to come. But it never happened. I ended up not writing for a very long time. It was after an old show I grew up with back when I was in elementary began showing again, it resparked my love for writing. So I began writing again. Even if I didn’t have my fanfic, I decided to make it my own.

I kept the premise and the setting. But the characters, except the main, changed. My very first draft had been finished back in 2012. It was all over the place like when I first wrote it. But I was proud of what I accomplished. I built my own world, a world that meant a lot to me. A personal place that I can escape to. It was all mine. When I first lost my world, I felt it was the end. But thanks to that series, I found my world again.

After, I made a second rendition of the story I created. Again, I made some changes to the characters and tweaked the premise. I made new characters, merged some of them and then rewrote it again. It was at first in third person but I didn’t feel a personal connection with my main character. My main character was always me. And once I rewrote it for the third time, in first person, I felt immersed in my story. Then and there I felt at home.

This was all over a three-year span. I didn’t touch it for a year and I wrote another story. After writing that story, I touched upon my story again. Not to mention I was in school that time so I had no time to look it over as much. But when I was off, I made use of that freedom. I had written over 100k and I wanted to cut it back. I rewrote everything, chapter by chapter, every day. I cut full chapters and rewrote it. As much as I didn’t want to do that, I did. I shaved off over 20k words and ended up with over 85k. This was the proudest I’ve ever been. I completed my very first novel.

And it’s the current one I’m querying. If it weren’t my love for books, shows, movies… my extreme love for anything fantasy and magic, I probably wouldn’t have rewritten a book that was with me for years. Releasing my personal world is quite scary and fascinating at the same time because everyone will know where I’ve been all my life. And I don’t just have one world.

I have many. And I look forward to bringing it to life. If you one day go there, enjoy your stay (well at least the one where there is no violence)!

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